Revealed, Enoch Powell GAY!!

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Many would regard Enoch Powell as one of the most right wing politicians Britain ever spawned, a poster boy for the white supremacist movement and arguably somewhere just above amoebic dysentery on the evolutionary chain.

History records a man always in the company of other men, as a soldier, college boy, and member of the ultimate old-boy’s club, the British conservative party.

New evidence has revealed why.

Read BETWEEN the lines of this line from the Wikepedia article about Powell’s school days, ” During his time at Cambridge he fell under the influence of the poet A.E. Housman, then Professor of Latin at the university”.

Interesting but hardly conclusive.

He was obsessed with both Latin and Greek (both cultures practiced homosexuality openly and did so irrespective of marital status). OK, so an obsession with gay history and a “close” relationship with an older man.

OK well he’s not exactly Carson Cresley at this point, but let’s move on.

He goes to Australia and becomes a professor at Sydney (home of the Mardi Gras) university at the age of 26 (was it merit or….something else? I hear a baby faced Peter Andre got his first record contract through a similar arrangement with Molly Meldrum), then, he heads back to join the army (presumably sharing a fox hole and a tin of “bully beef” with some of his “close” comrades.

After sleeping working his way through the ranks (Hello Sargent Major) the emergence of his dislike for Americans becomes apparent.

Wikepedia cites “After talking with some senior American officials, he became convinced that one of America’s main war aims was to destroy the British Empire”.

Unofficially, his name was Connor McCormack, sandy blonde hair, eyes like plunge pools, arms like a blacksmith, tan and sinewy from so many summers spent competetive yacht racing while growing up in Cape Cod.

Little Enoch, so used to twisting men around his finger, and making them flutter with a bat of his eyelids had his first broken heart. At the hands of  an American!! Possibly the motivation behind Powell’s later lament “I should like to have been killed in the war.”

Powell was a staunch monarchist, it’s rumoured when it was commonplace for his comrades to keep post-cards of Greta Garbo, Marleana Deitrich or Mae West handy in their cubicles, Powell kept a photograph of King George in the officer’s latrine when he was in Africa.

After a stint in the British conservative party during which Powell repeatedly voted in favour of legalising gay marriage. It was at this time he made his infamous (and misquoted) “rivers of blood” speech.
The official transcript reads

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’. That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect. Indeed, it has all but come. In numerical terms, it will be of American proportions long before the end of the century. Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now.”,

 in fact the speech went like this

“as I look for head, I have filled my foreskin, for that guy Roman, but I seem to see that Rodger Tyler and I’m foaming to pack mud. That magic erectile phenomenon which we watch with horniness on the other side of the bedroom, but there is intercourse withthe minister  and an ejaculation state itself. I am cumming by my own volition and in a neglige. Indeed I have cum. In naughty terms I am hung with American proportions, it’s long and past the end of my shorts.  Only to root some virgin action and it will hurt even a sow”.

Clearly such a public admission of homosexuality and on the parliamentary record no-less could not go un-checked.

Powell had a public falling out with then conservative leader Michael Heseltine (apparently because Heseltine wouldn’t reciprocate through the “glory hole” in the men’s toilets in Parliament house).

Powel then left the conservative party and took up spending a good deal of time in the Middle East (not unlike Michael Jackson has in recent years).

Powell offered to return to the conservative party after Margaret Thatcher won the leadership but lost interest when he discovered she was a woman.

Incidentally Powell was commemorated in an instrumental song by Manfred Mann called “Konekuf” (the title is supposed to be read backwards).

Did he “Konekuf”? We’ll never know.


Heeeeeeee’s Baaaaaaaaack!!

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While I’d be the first to laud the absence of (as Ant Rogenous calls him) “the pernicious semicolon”, the net pest known as Ia;n Hall, or more commonly just as ;;; ;;;;, has resurfaced with yet another mind numbingly stupid insight for the amusement of all those who know better (which is virtually everyone on the planet).

Case in point, responding to an article about a regional MP who apparently used his position of elected office to intervene “maliciously with a government department” (read the full article here).

The first response I’d be willing to bet is a stooge from the Minister’s own staff (how else would he/ she have details on what was or was not provided to both the press and the relevant public body) but THEN……Intellectual straw-weight Ia;n decides to weigh into the debate with this witty retort.

Obviously You have never had to live next to neighbours from hell who are so anti-social that they make every one else’s life an utter misery…

Well obviously I can’t speak for the author of the article, but as a veteran of several housing commission premises, having lived in remote communities and been a resident of Fitzroy during the highly publicised “heroin epidemic” of the late 19990’s I can say that I have endured my share of disagreeable neighbours.

I dare say all of the above pale into absolute insignificance alongside the rodent like refuse scavenging, unregistered/ unroadworthy “noddy car” driving wife mooching bludger that is Ia;n Hall, serial pest. (not to mention his automotive graveyard and illegal botany the residents of Clarke Rd. Ocean View have to endure every single day of their lives).

It’s enough to drive local real estate back to pre-1980’s prices.

He continues;

The fact that they may have been staying just inside the letter of the law does not mean that wanting them gone is an invalid response.

Oh of course, what was I thinking?, just inside the law!?! Within the law in other words, i.e. doing nothing illegal.

No I can’t think of ANY reason NOT breaking the law SHOULDN’T be grounds for having an elected official and a public vigilante group team up to have someone evicted from public housing.

Separated at Birth?

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Can YOU spot the difference? 

1. Death mask of Filippo Brunelleschi, Italian Rennaisance architect and creator of the famous Duomo in Florence.

2. Wodonga Mayor Rodney Wangman

Hint: only ONE is a man of vision, dedication, community mindedness, fairplay and a will leave a legacy for future generations.

Can YOU guess which?

Lacklustre serial killer gets life.

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(Above: an artist’s depiction of Jack the Ripper, Victorian Gothic Horror at it’s lethal best).

Let’s face it, there’s something chillingly alluring about serial multicide for a lot of people.

Sure it’s nasty, immoral, evil and just straight out wrong, but you can’t deny there is an element in the common psyche that finds this stuff well nigh irresistible.

Popular films and literature help fuel the glamorous perception of people “driven to kill”, characters like Thomas Harris’ “Hannibal Lecter” and Cormack McCarthy’s “Anton Chigurh” in “no country for old men” are testimony to the popular appeal of the psychopath.

Peppered throughout history are real life “movie monsters” who fan the flames of our imagination, the media circus that surrounds these horrors are worthy of P.T. Barnham.

Figures like Herman Mudgett aka HH Holmes, Albert Fish, Ed Gein, Fritz Haarman, and Ted Bundy occupy a deep, dark recess in the human psyche.

Britain is no stranger to the phenomenon of serial multicide, home of Jack the Ripper, the Moors murderers, John Christie, John George Haigh, Dennis Nilsen, Fred and Rose West, Peter Sutcliffe and Harold Shipman.

British serial murder has a long and proud history, the British public can hold their head up safe in the knowledge that their own, home grown sick predation is equal to any, anywhere  in the world, that’s why it’s disappointing to see bottom feeders like Steve Wright (convicted this week and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole) admitted to the list of “Britain’s Worst Serial Killers“.

Surely the British public deserve better, by any measure, body count, difficulty level in selecting victims, savagery, ability to evade capture or time spent terrifying the public while on the run, slipshod corpse disposal etc. Wright has got to be one of the less imagination inspiring serial multicides in modern history.

The bar has been set pretty high for serial murder, and Wright just plain fails to deliver.

It’s easy to blame the British education system or advances in policing and crime detection for allowing the standard of serial murder to fall so pathetically low but I tend to think that the culture of serial murder is becoming lazy. It’s not unheard for serial murderers to be using guns for pity’s sake, is there in all the world a less imaginative method of dispatching? I suspect not.

Practicing serial multicides out there, take heed. Lift your game. The standard of public expectation for serial murderers is higher now than it has ever been and from the current generation of sociopathic psychos, I weep for the future of serial killing, I really do.

Nelson as popular as BO scented roll-on: newspoll

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A newspoll released today shows opposition leader Brendan Nelson’s approval rating at just nine percent

The same poll places both Prime Minister Rudd’s approval and aproval for the formal apology given last Tuesday at over 70%.

Alexander Downer was quick to laud Mr. Nelson, presumably because he now takes the record formerly held by Mr. Downer for the least popular leader of the Liberal party in Australian history.

A “Dante’s Inferno” source is quoted as saying “Nelson’s about as popular among the Australian public as a turd flavoured lollypop, as a truck load of rats in a tampon factory and a calamari ring at a Bah Mitzvah”.

Mr. Nelson declined to comment.

Separated at Birth?

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It seems to be the week for look-alike articles so I thought I’d run one of my own, so here goes.

1. Setting new standards in journalistic bias, card carrying Liberal party member and SMH “journalist” Piers Ackermann.


2. Galactic crime-lord, one time smuggler and slave trader Jabba the Hutt.

Obviously of the two it’s clear Jabba has a far greater sense of ethical integrity, personal hygeine and communicative eloquence, nonetheless, their resemblance is striking.

Viva La Group-Think!!!

Oh you gotta be kidding me.

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Gah, checking out the news today I felt like I was reading an edition of the daily Rotten.

First up, in Sydney a man has been found guilty of the murder and subsequent genital mutilation of his ex-wife’s new lover, a jury taking just three hours to return the verdict.

The murdered man’s mutilated genitals were found in a drawer of a bedside cabinet in the flat where the murder took place.  

Meanwhile a man whol ived in Perth during the 1990’s, on trial in Britain claims he had no idea a woman he had sex with was dead.

Instead, Mark Dixie, 37,  claims to have happened upon the woman, bleeding profusely from several stab wounds and seized the opportunity to have sex with her. (as one does!!)

The court has also heard this is not the first time the man has been accused of similar actions, hearing testimony from other women who claim to have been stabbed and raped by him.

The trial continues.

At least he made it to trial, unlike this monkey who decided it might be fun to horribly mutilate a female patient and tell her he was going to do it as she was induced under anaesthetic.

Despite having been already brought before a board of Medical practice and having serious restrictions placed on his right to practice, Graeme Reeves (now de-registered) was able to practice in Bega, NSW where the offence allegedly occurred.

Professional practice boards are in my opinion, nothing more than a kangaroo court made up of individuals who like to sit in judgement of their peers.

Beyond occasionally depriving people of their livelihood, they really are a paper tiger, hardly worth the expense of their own existence.

The onus of the burden of proof is diminished in the case of professional practice boards meaning much flimsier evidence is admissible than in a court of Law, their scope for punishment of consequence is virtually non existent.

Graeme Reeves needs to be before a Judge with powers of detainment, not getting a slap on the wrist from a glorified peer review panel.

It begs the question are professional registration boards the best way of dealing with allegations of malpractice and misconduct?

Somehow I doubt it.